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Future Benefits manages and provides investment advisory services for:

• Corporate retirement plans: pensions and profit-sharing
• 401(k) plans
• Trust accounts
• IRAs
• Individual and family investment plans
• Endowments
• Nonprofit organizations: 403(b) plans


The cornerstone to our approach is our commitment to mutual fund research, which we undertake using state-of-the-art software, old-fashioned printed reports, and decades of personal, hands-on experience and expertise in asset management. We take great pride in getting behind the scenes and past the marketing claims to identify long-term, consistent, predictable performance from our fund managers. We do not pick what’s hot at the moment. We only select no-load mutual funds. To help manage risk, we allocate equity to both growth and value disciplines, in large, medium and small capitalization stocks, and in domestic and international funds. What don’t we do? We don’t buy speculative or illiquid investments.

Future Benefits looks to position accounts with the best fund managers at the most reasonable cost to our clients – with a premium placed on transparency. We recognize that investment expenses have a direct impact on your rate of return, and we work diligently to control those expenses. Furthermore, we aren’t obligated to do business with any fund or fund managers.

Risk of Loss: There is risk of loss in our long-term approach to investing in no-load mutual funds. The mutual fund companies invest in stock and/or bonds which involve the risk of loss that clients should be prepared to bear. All of our investments can lose value and certain asset class mutual funds that we select may have poor returns for an extended period. A focus on long-term returns could cause us to ignore or be less concerned with near-term economic or market events. Also, the mutual fund managers that we chose may underperform their benchmarks, resulting in a worse return than investing in a single index fund.

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