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About Us
Founded in 1987, Future Benefits, Inc. (“Future Benefits”) is a fee-based SEC-registered investment advisory firm specializing in asset management.

In managing client assets, Future Benefits specializes in analyzing outside money managers and no-load mutual funds – with a focus on independence, transparency and minimizing transaction costs. We manage investment managers on behalf of our clients, structuring entire portfolios to meet specific income and growth objectives.

Since its establishment, Future Benefits has steadily increased assets under management. Today, we manage more than $500 million in assets (as of the date on the cover of this Brochure), ranging from corporate retirement plans to individual investment plans and church/nonprofit endowments. All of these assets are managed on a non-discretionary basis.

Meeting client objectives is always our primary goal. The managing principals at Future Benefits are active managers, analysts and advisors – not active traders –we do not incur significant trading costs. As a result, once initial positions are established, our transaction costs are minimal. We are independent investment advisors without special interests in particular investment products. We find the right managers and/or funds for individual clients based on proven criteria and a detailed screening process.

When constructing a portfolio, we back-test all chosen funds to see how they react as a group in different market cycles. A particular manager and fund may be top performers – but how do they complement your portfolio?

Future Benefits provides investment advisory and management services. Our expertise, experience and dedication to personal service are our only products.


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